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    Five Star Revenue Cycle Management

    We pride ourselves in recognizing the multiple levels of healing with our patients. Due to our understanding that financial health plays a huge role with the physical aspect of healing we work with our patients from the onset of their visit to the end. With our unique approach we have received 5 star Google reviews by our patients.

    At Juniper Ridge RCM, we provide a personalized approach to all of your medical billing needs which also helps foster a healing environment for patients from the beginning of their care, straight through to the end.

    Medical Billing & Collection Services

    Using a streamlined collections system, our team can provide efficient medical billing and collection services to help healthcare providers maintain profitability and address the growing need for data driven and innovative RCM. Our full revenue cycle management services yield the best results and higher percentages of recovered payments within the first three months. Our goal is to reduce the prolonged billing cycle and ensure that providers maintain a healthier cash flow. From the moment your patient steps through the doors until their final payment has been made, Juniper Ridge RCM offers an economical option to all of your medical billing and collection needs.

    Higher Percentages Recovered In The First 30, 60 & 90 Days

    Streamlined Collections Systems

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    Why Juniper Ridge RCM

    #1 Medical Billing Team

    For emergency medicine and urgent healthcare providers, inefficiencies in billing have taken a toll and negatively impacted revenue. Juniper Ridge RCM eliminates these inefficiencies with fast, reliable revenue cycle management. Our trained, experienced, and trusted medical billing and coding team remain up to date on critical changes in the industry that may impact your revenue, and code with the highest revenue standards in mind. Applying the most advanced principles to streamline your revenue, Juniper Ridge RCM is a top rated choice for all of your revenue cycle management needs.


    The Best Medical Billing System
    • Having in-house billing just isn’t efficient or viable. I’ve been with Juniper ridge for a few months now, and have had a way quicker billing process ever since. They’re very reliable and proficient.

      Dr. Wilson, TX. ★★★★★
    • Their service is excellent. I’m glad I switched over from standard billing because it really is the most economical and effective option for my practice. In the first few months I used them, I saw a much higher return in my revenue, and I haven’t looked back since. Great team.

      Dr. Jameson, TX. ★★★★★

    Professional Coding

    Because RCM coding is such a complex area that requires ongoing knowledge of the healthcare system, you need experienced professional coders who are certified to code for the highest revenue and have an in-depth knowledge of the best medical billing practices. Our industry leading professional coders are experienced in claim filing and submission, denial management, collections, and more. Consult with the coding team at Juniper Ridge RCM to help streamline your revenue and provide quick turnaround for all of your medical billing and collection needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The medical billing cycle is known as the process of communication between the insurance company and the medical provider, which can take from several days to a few months at a time before a solution is reached.
    Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the practice of identifying, collecting, and managing a provider’s revenue from payers through value-based reimbursement so as to maintain financial stability and give patients the best quality care.
    Accounts Receivable (A/R) medical billing determines money owed to your practice for the services you have provided. This includes payments due from patients, payers, and other guarantors.
    Outsourced medical billing offers a level of convenience for providers that makes it the optimal choice for billing practices. Medical billing services often charge a certain percentage of the collected claim amount.
    There are several steps involved in the medical billing process including registration, confirming financial responsibility for patient visits, patient admittance & check-out, monitoring coding and billing compliance, preparing & sending claims, monitoring payer adjudication, generating patient statements or bills, and assigning payments and arranging collections.
    Using dedicated revenue cycle management and coding specialists, we can reduce medical billing errors and increase your revenue.

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